Sorenson Genomics


Quality.  Reliability.  Speed.

Sorenson Genomics maintains the Industry's
highest degree of accreditation and standards 
for a variety of human genomics methodologies. 


Strategy.  Leadership.  Experience.

"Sorenson Genomics...has been a valued partner in
our business growth providing us with superior customer
service, timely delivery of data, and product ideas."

                -- Gina Paige, President & Co-Founder, African Ancestry, Inc.

  1. Expertise in Genomics

    Our expertise in human genomics includes DNA genotyping, DNA sequencing and fragment analysis for use in population geneticshuman genotyping, and clinical diagnostics.  We specialize in DNA testing for forensic science, consumer products, medical clinics and research projects.

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  2. World-Class DNA Laboratory

    Our world-class Human Genomics Laboratory performs high throughput core laboratory functions for forensics DNA testing, human genomics and more.  We maintain the industry's top accreditation and standards.

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  3. Innovative Development

    Combining their quest for discovery with a strict adherence to detail and precision, our Research & Development Team supports a portfolio of diverse solutions serving  a world-wide clientele through the translation of science into novel genetic testing solutions.

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  4. Collaboration & Partnership

    We are committed to our clients' success. Through collaborative client-partner relationships, we help to uncover new genomic discoveries for the benefit of people everywhere.  Our team of human genomics DNA experts has successfully introduced DNA concepts to market.

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The Human Genomics DNA Testing Laboratory at Sorenson Genomics offers the finest resources and services to a world-wide clientele. Our cutting-edge Human Genomics Laboratory performs high-throughput core laboratory functions for human genomics testing including DNA paternity testingforensics DNA testingpopulation geneticsclinical diagnostics and more. Sorenson offers the capacity, instrumentation, expertise and accreditation requisite to producing revolutionary genetic testing solutions for our clients. Become a Partner of Sorenson Genomics TODAY! Contact us for more information on our services and laboratory resources.