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IDENTIGENE® is a pioneer in the home paternity testing industry and clinical diagnostics STD testing for chlamydia and gonorrhea.

IDENTIGENE is a pioneer in the home paternity testing industry and clinical diagnostics STD testing for chlamydia and gonorrhea.

IDENTIGENE is continually endeavoring to innovate and further the field of paternity testing and research. The IDENTIGENE Paternity Test Kit offers the highest standards for personal (peace-of-mind) and legal (court admissable) cases.  The IDENTIGENE Paternity Test Kit is the first and ONLY paternity test kit offered at local pharmacies nationwide. IDENTIGENE is the first to introduce a mobile paternity test app for smart phones.  

For persons seeking a definitive answer, the self-administered, non-invasive DNA Paternity Test is convenient, reliable and affordable. Offered at retail stores and online, the retail channel represents a new option for persons seeking aswers to paternity. In 2009 it was noted that the IDENTIGENE DNA Paternity Test Kit had broken the retail paradigm for genetic testing.

Sorenson Genomics is helping to fuel the rise of STD awareness with a first-to-market and direct-to-consumer STD Test Collection Kit for chlamydia and gonorrhea, the two most common bacterial STDs. This clinical diagnostic test kit is currently in clinical trials with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) awaiting final approval for distribution and will be made availalble through its business unit, IDENTIGENE.

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Sorenson Forensics is a forensic industry leader providing forensic DNA casework services for federal, state and local crime laboratories and assisting Officers of the Court in individual criminal cases.  Sorenson Forensics innovation include products such as Investigative LEADTM, a law enforcement ancestry DNA test, and SoPureTM, a proprietary organic extraction process exclusive to Sorenson Forensics.  This exclusive Sorenson process delivers results when other methods have failed. Sorenson Forensics is a leader in obtaining DNA profiles from evidence which previously did not yield usable data. Our forensic success is partly based on using SoPure™--more DNA with fewer inhibitors is recovered with SoPure™ when compared to other DNA extraction methods. 

With their combined public and private DNA lab work history the veteran forensic team has decades of forensic DNA experience and has completed thousands of individual cases.  In fact, the forensic DNA analysts at Sorenson Forensics carry the most public lab work experience of any private DNA forensics laboratory.   Some of the highest profile cases in the country have been sent to the Sorenson Forensics laboratory because of this unique expertise. Their growing reputation for excellence in forensics is spreading internationally with a world-wide clientele now using Sorenson Forensics.

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