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About Sorenson Genomics

Sorenson Genomics Management Team

The Sorenson Team is Dedicated to Excellence.

Combining their quest for discovery with a strict adherence to detail and precision, our distinguished management team continuously provides an integrated multi-disciplinary approach guiding the translation of life science concepts into novel human genetic testing solutions. 

The skill set, unique mix of expertise and research experience within the Sorenson Genomics Management Team is diverse and expansive. The Sorenson team is comprised of seasoned professionals whose leadership impacts the global DNA testing industry and assures that each customer receives accurate results and exceptional service.

Sample core competencies of the Sorenson Genomics Management Team include the following:

Process Improvement.  

  • Lean Six Sigma is a management and organizational process used for removing process variation and eliminating non-value activities.
  • Entire management team is green belt certified in Lean Six Sigma
  • Sponsored and mentored 4 esteemed black belts in Lean Six Sigma.

DNA Testing Experience/Research Interests.

  • Approaching a collective century-worth of DNA testing experience. 
  • Court-qualified expert witness. 
  • Specialties include:  assessor for the AABB; Immunology; Molecular Biology Laboratory Specialists.
  • International experience in victim identification of mass disasters.  
  • Research areas include:
    • human molecular genetics,
    • molecular pathology,
    • diagnostics,
    • population genetics,
    • laboratory automation and
    • DNA extraction methods.

Business Expertise.

  • Creative assets. Array of artistic abilities including creative writing, designing, composing and programming.
  • Pioneering entrepreneurial talent has led to successful first-to-market retail products.
  • Business acumen -
    • Degrees in Masters of International Business Studies (MIBS) with emphasis in international financial management and Japanese; BA in International Relations; B.S. in Management Information Systems;  CPA;  Graphic (web) Design and Online Marketing. 
    • Expertise in international marketing and OEM sales; product development; organizational development; and operations management.