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Genomics Research and Development

The differentiated DNA products and services supported and produced by the Genomics Research and Development Team at Sorenson Genomics provides a portfolio of solutions serving thousands of customers worldwide. Our Genomics Research and Development Team is involved in a broad program of DNA and other scientific research, advanced development, and clinical trials to produce genetic solutions to meet the complex challenges of today’s world. Our team has been exploring new and emerging technologies and turning scientific innovation into business solutions together for over a decade.  

The Research and Development Team of the Human Genomics DNA Testing Laboratory at Sorenson Genomics is active in the advancement of technology allowing suitable clinical diagnostics testing to be used directly by patients. The executive mission of Sorenson Genomics supports a foundation of openness and integrity throughout the research and development discovery process.  Furthermore, our Human Genomics DNA Laboratory adheres to a strict code of standards in its processes. Partners and clients benefit from our honest answers and can Test Assured™.

Assay Development

The Genomics Research and Assay Development Team of the Human Genomics DNA Testing Laboratory at Sorenson Genomics is proficient in the construction of custom assay development for commercial, research and clinical applications. Our Human Genomics Laboratory is a state-of-the-art reference and research DNA testing genomics laboratory specializing in real-time research-use assay development and the subsequent validation of clinical diagnostic assays. Assays can utilize TaqMan technology, for example, or other chemistries, depending upon the development project.  See our Instrumentation Page for a sampling of applied chemistries, analysis, and instrumentation used in previous development.  Sorenson works with collaborators to select the best markers for the assay’s intended use.

To hear from some of our partners many of whom are using custom assays developed by our Research and Development Team, visit our Testimonials page.