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Sorenson Genomics Laboratory Client-Partners

Our multi-disciplinary Human Genomics Laboratory Team provides lean process improvement, scientific expertise, business acumen, marketing depth, lab consulting and commercial success for each of our clients. Our broad range of services enables organizations to drive down costs while improving efficiency through standardization. Built on an agile partner platform, our emphasis is customer-driven. From a common thread of the methodology itself, our Human Genomics Laboratory Team encourages client feedback, excels at customer service, and promotes client collaboration.


A collaborative work-house employing strategy, leadership, and experience successfully across a wide range of industries and disciplines, Sorenson Genomics laboratory partnerships are the premier choice for accounts large and small around the globe. Sorenson Genomics has worked with clients in the construction of custom assay development for commercial, research and clinical applications and subsequent validation of these novel molecular diagnostic assays. These valuable esoteric tests may be used for clinical trials and can be performed in the Human Genomics DNA Testing Laboratory at Sorenson Genomics. 

Testimonials from some of our client-partners with whom we have collaborated are found on the Testimonials page.  

A few notable Laboratory Client-Partners include:   

 Since 2007 the Human Genomics DNA Testing Laboratory at Sorenson Genomics has been providing Ancestry DNA, population genetics testing and research & development for the genealogy power house,, the world’s largest online family history resource. Ancestry DNA tests from | DNA help family historians find genetic cousins and expand their family tree by connecting via an online database of DNA results. Collaboration units, or DNA groups establish networks for genetic genealogy discussion and record sharing. Groups initially find connections via their paternal or maternal DNA test results.

IDENTIGENE®, introduced the first over-the-counter DNA Paternity Test Kit.  It is currently the only DNA Paternity Test Kit trusted by pharmacies nationwide.  Offered at retail stores and online, this new channel represents a new option for persons seeking aswers to paternity.  DNA Paternity Test Kits are convenient and affordable.   IDENTIGENE has realized rapid growth attributed to this product offering. The Human Genomics DNA Testing Laboratory at Sorenson Genomics provides private (peace-of-mind) and legal (court-admissable) DNA paternity testing for IDENTIGENE.  

Sorenson Forensics uses Ancestry DNA and population genetics testing to determine genetic ancestry in a new product for Law Enforcement, Investigative LEADTM.  Test results help define a suspect by showing what percent of a perpetrator’s DNA falls within the major reference populations: West Europe, East Asia, West Africa, Indigenous America, India Subcontinent. Assigning an “ethnicity” to an unidentified person can help uncover new leads when CODIS hits a dead end in locating the suspect.  Investigative LEADTM is powered by Sorenson Genomics World Wide Ancestry's population testing which has the highest resolution and accuracy of any genetic anthropology test.  It is built from a collection of 1.4 million markers and draws upon 200 of the most informative SNPs for ethnicity to assign a population to the participant.