Sorenson Genomics


The Human Genomics Laboratory Team at Sorenson Genomics encourages client feedback, excels at customer service, and promotes client collaboration.  Our result...successful partnerships.

African Ancestry is proud to have partnered with Sorenson Genomics since we launched in 2003. The company has been a valued partner in our business growth, providing us with superior customer service, timely delivery of data, and product ideas. We look forward to continuing our solid partnership for many years to come."

Gina Paige, President and Co-Founder, African Ancestry, Inc.

For the past several years, has enjoyed its association Sorenson Genomics and recognizes them as leading experts in genetic genealogy testing. Sorenson Genomics has consistently provided accurate results, excellent quality and rapid turn-around time."

Ken Chahine, Sr. Vice President & General Manager, | DNA

Sorenson Genomics delivers excellence from initial consultation to data delivery. I am extremely impressed with the professionalism of the staff and the dependability of the results. That’s why I’ve trusted them with handling all our company’s genomics laboratory needs. As an added bonus, our Account Manager has provided us with the same great customer service since day one. My job is much easier because I know my samples are in good hands at Sorenson Genomics.”

Keith Wetherby, President, Warrior Roots

Sorenson Genomics played a key role in the successful launch of our retail DNA Paternity and STD testing kits.  With built-in economies of scale, we quickly realized the cost-benefit of a lean process and now offer a very competitive price for our retail customers.”

Steven Smith, Executive Director, IDENTIGENE®, LLC

Teamwork and sophistication have been hand-in-hand in our collaborative relationship with Sorenson Genomics.  We appreciate their honest answers and encouraging outlook through the development process. Partnering with Sorenson allowed us to expand our forensic reach around the globe as we continue to receive high profile—and high volume—casework."

Timothy D. Kupferschmid, Executive Director, Sorenson Forensics, LLC