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Human Genomics Services

A Global Leader in Human Genomics DNA Testing

The Human Genomics DNA Testing Laboratory at Sorenson Genomics is a global leader with expertise in human genomics testing including population genetics, human genotyping and clinical diagnostics.  We specialize in custom assay development, DNA sequencing, DNA genotyping, fragment analysis, SNP-testing and more.

Our state-of-the-art Human Genomics DNA Testing Laboratory houses a complete array of capabilities for use in forensic science, consumer products, medical clinics and research projects. 

Population Genetics Testing

The world-class Human Genomics DNA Testing Laboratory at Sorenson Genomics extracts, processes and analyzes thousands of DNA samples a month supporting population genetics and Ancestry DNA testing. Ancestry DNA testing is one of the most popular internet hobbies around the world and can be used to discover ethnic heritage, claim a specific ancestral homeland and identify paternal or maternal common ancestors. Population genetics and Ancestry DNA testing draw upon the power of autosomal and Y chromosomes as well as the mtDNA for both DNA sequencing and fragment analysis.  Furthermore, Sorenson Genomics has harnessed the genealogical power of DNA into a law enforcement ancestry DNA test.   

Human Genotyping & Relatedness

The Human Genomics DNA Testing Laboratory provides legal (court-admissable) or private (peace-of-mind) paternity testing, as well as siblingship, grandparentage, avuncular and other relationship type testing.  Continually striving for innovation in the field of paternity testing, for example, Sorenson Genomics pioneered the introduction of a direct-to-consumer Paternity Test Kit which offers the highest standards for personal or legal cases.  

Forensics Testing & Analysis

Sorenson Genomics played a significant role in DNA testing and victim identification for the December 26, 2004 Tsunami disaster in Thailand.

Sorenson Genomics Forensics laboratory provides human genomics casework services for federal, state and local crime laboratories; offers consulting on forensic validation services; and assists Officers of the Court in individual criminal cases.  Sorenson Forensics' DNA experts are highly successful in the generation of DNA profiles.

Clinical Diagnostics

The Sorenson Genomics team works with clients to develop and validate novel molecular diagnostic assays for clinical and research use. These valuable esoteric human genomics tests may be used for clinical trials and can be performed in-house at our Human Genomics DNA Testing Laboratory. Assay development at Sorenson Genomics has led to an STD test kit for chlamydia and gonorrhea, the two most common bacterial STDs. The Research & Development Team at Sorenson Genomics routinely partners with academic intitutions and clients large and small on custom assay development and the subsequent supportive tailor-made test types.