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Population Genetics

Genetic Ancestry is...a New Lead

Ancestry DNA testing services, designed by Sorenson Genomics, combine the power of population genetics with genealogical and ancestral migration data to provide powerful insights into human ancestry and genealogy.

World-Wide Ancestry Testing

The Human Genomics DNA Laboratory has carefully selected 200 of the most informative SNPs for ethnicity to create the World-Wide Ancestry Test. These powerful SNPs were pulled from an impressive collection of 1.4 million markers.  Sorenson Genomics' World-Wide Ancestry testing has the highest resolution and accuracy of any genetic anthropology test.  Versions of this population genetics test are used successfully across a variety of industries.

Investigative LEAD™

Sorenson Genomics' Forensics Laboratory uses the World-Wide Ancestry DNA test to determine genetic ancestry.   Investigative LEADTM is a new population genetics testing process specifically crafted for Law Enforcement.  Investigative LEADTM test results help to define a suspect by showing what percent of a perpetrator’s DNA falls within 5 major reference populations:  Europe, East Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa, India Subcontinent and Indigenous America.  Law Enforcement agencies across the country are having success with the population genetics DNA sequencing services.  Assigning ancestry to an unidentified person with Investigative LEADTM can help uncover new leads when CODIS hits a dead end in locating the suspect.

Ancestry DNA Testing for Genealogy

The Human Genomics DNA Testing Laboratory produces the genealogical tools powerful enough to help uncover modern, distant and ancient roots. Ancestry DNA testing uses either mtDNA in DNA sequencing or a different method, Y-STR fragment analysis.  Population genetics and sub-population DNA testing use autosomal, mitochondria and Y-chromosome SNP testing, DNA sequencing and STR fragment analysis, respectively.  Sorenson Genomics population genetics testing procedure extracts, processes and analyzes thousands of DNA samples a month supporting Ancestry DNA testing.

Relative GeneticsTM, a former business unit of Sorenson Genomics, previously serviced the genealogical community providing Y-chromosome and mtDNA sequencing testing in support of family history research and expansion.  All assetts of Relative GeneticsTM were sold to in 2008.  Sorenson Genomics continues to perform the ancestral DNA testing for  Please visit with any additional interest in the historical data or in obtaining further genealogical or population testing.